The service agreement is between the user (you) and YaBand Telecom B.V. (hereinafter as "YaBand"). YaBand Telecom B.V. is an ICT company registered in the Netherlands, which is governed by dutch law. We provide you with "YCALL" software, and YCALL offers you high quality, low prices, fast and convenient service.

YaBand specially reminds users to read and fully understand the "service agreement" (hereinafter as "agreement") - users should carefully read and fully understand terms in the agreement, including YaBand's disclaimer and limitation of liability. Please carefully read and choose to accept or not to accept the agreement (minors should be accompanied by legal guardians). Unless you accept all the terms of this agreement, you have no right to register, to login, or to use related services covered by this agreement. Your behaviors like registration, login, using will be regarded as an acceptance to this agreement and agreement to be bound by all the terms of the agreement.

1. User rules

1.1 Users must be equipped with Internet access equipments which are needed for value-added operations. The user is responsible for costs of getting access to Internet or a third party (including but not limited to fixed or mobile communications providers), information costs and related costs. As far as operators of value-added services are concerned, we suggest that you and your value-added services provider confirm the cost of related issues.

1.2 Except agreed by both you and YaBand, your agreement to this service is only for personal and non-commercial use. You shall not use this service for copying, selling, advertising, or other commercial purposes. You shall not use any advertisement letters, promotional materials, junk mails, spam mails, direct selling and pyramid selling emails to transfer information via telephone network, SMS, MMS, email, instant messaging, file sharing or other ways, unless YaBand has applicable guidelines or rules for specific services.

1.3 You shall not send any illegal, false, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, destructive, aggressive, vulgar and pornographic content.

1.4 You shall guarantee user identity's authenticity and completeness when use the service. After completing the registration of the service, you will receive a password and account, which should be kept confidentially .You are fully responsible for any deal with anyone using your password and account (including but not limited to YCALL number). YaBand can not illegally identify your account number and password without your authorization, therefore YaBand does not undertake any responsibility. You need to promise that:

1.4.1 when your password or account is in unauthorized use, or any other security issues occur, you would immediately inform YaBand.

1.4.2 After finishing using the YCALL service, you would safely exit the account.

1.5 Users shall agree to accept YaBand's service promotions by SMS, E-mail, YCALL client software, web pages or other means. In the case of using the operator's value-added services, users shall agree to accept the operator's service promotions through the value-added service system or other means (including but not limited to information notification, publicity, advertising, etc.).

1.6 Charging clauses

1.6.1 YaBand provides you with certain charging services. Once you or other people (including your agent) subscribe the service through your individual account, you should pay the service fees and other related fees according to the payment terms. Payment terms are marked on the YCALL web site.

1.6.2 YCall only provides telecommunications service for the users. Users can pay for the calls or the plans using YCall credit. Users can purchase YCall credit using any payment method made available by YCall from time to time. The YCall credit that users purchase will be credited to their YCall Account at the time of purchase. There is no physical products be delivered.

1.6.3 Refund: YCall credits can be purchased via a third party partner of YCall (including but not limited to Paypal, Alipay, Google Play or iTunes), or via a YCall prepaid card. No refunds will be given for any charges after purchase.

1.6.4 Overdue payment: Service charge should according to YaBand or cooperations'provisions about the delay payment.

1.7 YCall does not and is not intended to support or carry emergency calls to any type of bank, hospitals, law enforcement

1.8 All rights in accordance with the terms of service should not be assigned to or shared with others. One account can only be used by one person. If users share their accounts with other people, YaBand has the right to terminate the service.

1.9 You need to strictly obey dutch laws, regulations and administrative rules. If users violate laws and regulations or terms of the service, YaBand takes no responsibility and has the right to stop providing services. If users cause YaBand or cooperations to suffer any damage from any third party's disputes, litigations, claims, etc., the user must compensate all the loss of the company and bear all the legal responsibility.

2. Risks and disclaimers

2.1 Users must understand that this service is only based on the current situation. This service is involved with the Internet and related communications services, which might be affected by any unstable factor. Hence, the service has force majeure, such as the service interruption caused by a computer virus or hacker attacks, unstable system, shutdown of the device, unstable communication network, etc..Users must take risks above after subscribing the service. Cooperations and YaBand do not guarantee the timeliness, security, and accuracy of the service, thus takes no responsibility if users cannot receive, send or store messages, or transmission errors or some other problems happen.

2.2 As the failure of YaBand system affects the running of the service, YaBand promises to cooperate with relevant units immediately to repair it. However, YaBand is not liable to all users'economic losses. In addition, YaBand retains the right to maintain, upgrade, or suspend any part of the service without noticing users.

2.3 Any instant message, E-mail, data, text, software, music, news, photo, graphic, video, information, user registration data or other information uploaded via this service shall be borne by the content provider. YaBand cannot control the contents transmitted, neither the user's behavior, so there is no guarantee of the legitimacy, accuracy, integrity, authenticity, or quality of the content. You are informed when use this service, you may encounter offensive, inappropriate, or disgusting content. You shall agree to judge independently and bear all risks. However, YaBand shall have the right to stop the transmission and take appropriate actions, such as suspending all or parts of the service, keeping relevant records, and reporting to the relevant authority. YaBand shall (but not obligate) reject and delete any content which violates this service or causes antipathies from YaBand or any other user.

2.4 Link service: this service or the third party can provide links of international web sites or resources. Since YCALL cannot control these sites and resources, you shall understand and agree that: YaBand is not responsible for the availability of these sites or resources, neither for any content, such as advertisements, products information from these sites or resources. YaBand is not

2.5 Through the short message service of the software, you may send a message with additional advertising informations. We offer these informations to your message receiver for our convenience, but we do not control the third party service, nor is responsible for it. The consumer shall be borne with the responsibility, while YaBand does not undertake any responsibility. If any trouble or loss caused by the third party service, you need to directly negotiate with the third party service provider, YaBand does not undertake any responsibility.

3. Service changes, interruptions, terminations and modifications

3.1 The ownership, operation right, and final interpretation right of the service belong to YaBand. YaBand's service will be released in accordance with its associations, terms and operating rules.

3.2 YaBand reserves the right to amend the terms of service if necessary, the revised service will be announced on the related web site page. If you do not agree with the changes of the content, you should initiatively cancel this service. If users continue using the service, it equals an acceptance to all changes in the service.

3.2 YaBand reserves the right to amend the terms of service if necessary, the revised service will be announced on the related web site page. If you do not agree with the changes of the content, you should initiatively cancel this service. If users continue using the service, it equals an acceptance to all changes in the service.

3.4 YaBand especially reminds users that in order to ensure the company's business development and adjustment of autonomy, YaBand has the right to modify, interrupt or suspend the service with or without noticing users. Changes in the service will be announced on the YCALL website. YaBand is not responsible for any loss of users during exercising the right to modify or interrupt the service.

3.5 If any of the following situations occurs, the company shall have the right to interrupt or stop providing customers with services without informing the user:

3.5.1 Personal data provided by the user is inauthentic;

3.5.2 Users violate the terms of service;

3.5.3 With the requirement of the government;

3.5.4 Other situations which correspond with the overall service requirements.

4. Ownership of Information Content

4.1 The company's definition of information content includes: text, software, sound, photos, video, graphic, YCALL web page, advertising and other business information of YaBand. The ownership of all these contents' copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights is under protection of the dutch law. Therefore, users can only use the content under the authorization of the company , but cannot copy, modify, compile or create related derivatives.

4.2 About YaBand software: you understand and accept that this service and the related software (hereinafter referred to as "software") (except passing data directly between two users) are owned by YaBand, including its intellectual property and other legal proprietary rights (including but not limited to, copyright, trademark, patent and trade secrets). If there is a separate license agreement for the software, you should abide by both of this service agreement and the software license agreement. Unless you also agree to the software license agreement, you may not install or use the software. For those who do not provide with a separate software license agreement, YaBand will only provide you with cancelable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive software license, which is only for accessing to this service and using the software. In addition, under any circumstances, you shall not modify, rent, lend, sell, distribute, make a derivative work, reduce engineering or reversely compile to find the original code without the authorization of YaBand. You agree to use the software through the interface provided by the YaBand rather than any other ways.

5. Users Privacy Policy

5.1 Information YaBand collects:

5.1.1 Identity information (name, user name, address, phone number, mobile phone number, email address).

5.1.2 File information (age, sex, nationality, language preference, etc.).

5.1.3 Electronic identity information (IP address, cookie).

5.1.4 Bank account information (credit card information).

5.1.5 Survey of the call quality.

5.1.6 Interactive information about your use of YCALL, including the platform, connection information, client information, error reports, equipment function, bandwidth, statistics data, etc.

5.1.7 Ordering and delivery information of products or services.

5.1.8 Your contact list and related information.

5.1.9 Traffic data (such as data processed by conveying communication or payment, including but not limited to talking time length and the caller/called's number), and instant messages, voice mails and video messages.

5.1.10 The position information of your mobile devices from your mobile phone operators.

5.1.11 Mobile device information, such as the name of the manufacturer, equipment type, operating system, network and operators.

5.1.12 Information of accounts which are associated with YCALL account (such as Microsoft/Facebook/LinkedIn/QQ/WeChat account).

5.2 Information protection

5.2.1 YaBand will not initiatively publicize your phone number, address book information, mobile device information to a third party, unless required by law. We will only publish your personal information to specific individuals or organizations in the following situations (1) the judiciary subpoena or order to us, (2) the requirement of the government, (3) when the public, the third party, or our own rights are affected.

5.3 With the development of YaBand business, YaBand may sell or buy subsidiaries. If YCALL's most assets were acquired by a third party, YCALL users'personal information would be handed over as one part of the assets. We have the right to transfer your personal information to a third party.

5.4 YaBand may change our privacy policy from time to time. We want users to come to the web site regularly to see if we modified the privacy policy. After the privacy policy changes, as long as you continue using the software, it means that you agree with the new privacy policy whether you have read it or not.

6. Law

6.1 The terms of service correspond to dutch laws and regulations. If there are inconformities in the service to dutch laws and regulations, the user is subject to the law and regulation.

7. Guarantee

7.1 Users agree to guarantee all rights of the company members, and take responsibility for the payment beyond the service or costs caused by inappropriate use of the service (including but not limited to: attorney fees, compensation fees for violation of the terms of service, and recourse fees of intellectual property because other third parties use the user's account).

7.2 Users must bear legal responsibility in violation of dutch laws and regulations and the terms of service.

8. Others

8.1 If any term of the service is fully or partially invalid or for what reason do not has executive power, the remaining terms of service should still be valid and binding.

8.2 Our terms of service constitute your agreement with YaBand. When using the service of the software or the content of the third party, you should comply with the additional terms and obligations.

8.3 The content of each service, charging standards and charging ways, service fees shall be subject to the final notice.

8.4 If you have any opinions or suggestions to any part of the service, you can contact us through YCALL customer service : + 31 70 221 0312 or Email:

8.5 The construction or dispute of the service applies to the dutch law. If any dispute happens between the user and YaBand, negotiation shall be amicably settled at first. If the negotiation fails, the user agree to submit the controversy to the jurisdiction of the courts at YaBand's location.

8.6 This terms of service is subject to the English version, while Chinese translation is for reference only.

8.7 YaBand retains rights of interpretation for all terms and conditions stated above.

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