Getting started
  1. What is YCall?

    Ycall is an internet-based (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G) calling App for conveniently making international phone calls at a cheap rate (free between YCall users) with HD voice quality, available on App Store and Google Play.

  2. How to create an account on YCall?

    Once you have installed YCall on your smartphone or tablet, you can start creating an account on YCall. Take the following steps:

    1. Click the “Sign up” icon at the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose the country/region of the number you want to register.
    3. Input your mobile number after the country code. Note that you do NOT need to fill in the country code again. And the first zero(s) in your mobile number should be omitted.
    4. You will then receive a verification code via SMS. Fill in the verification code and the registration process is complete.
  3. Is a real phone number necessary to register YCall?

    Yes, when you register YCall, you need a real phone number to receive a verification code to activate the YCall account. When you forget the password of the account, you can also use the phone number to retrieve password.

  4. I have changed my phone number. May I continue using my previous YCall account?

    Yes, you can continue using the previous YCall account. But we suggest you register a new one with your new number because it allows the called numbers to find you in the contacts directly.

  5. Does a YCall account have a date of expiration?

    Your YCall account defaults to expire in one year after registration. You can get a one-year extension after topping up credits. The account will be deleted automatically when it expires.

How YCall works
Credits and Payment
  1. How to check the balance of my YCall account?

    The balance of your YCall account will be displayed as credits you purchase in the unit of Euro/USD. You can check it in the App in the section “More”.

  2. What are the methods to top up my YCall account?

    YCall provides several payment methods. You can top up credits in the APP via ITunes or Google Play. You can also earn free credits by topping up on the Webshop http://ycall.me/pay.html
    In the Webshop, buy 10 get 1 credit free, buy 20 get 3 credits free, buy 50 get 8 credits free. Payment is possible through iDEAL, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, V PAY, Bancontact/Mister Cash.

  3. What if you cannot pay with the methods in Q2?

    Contact us by email service@ycall.me. We’ll assist you with paying.

  4. May I apply for a refund after top-up?

    No, it is impossible to apply for a refund after top-up.

  5. How long are my credits valid?

    Your credits are valid as long as your account is active. For more information on this, refer to “Getting Started” Q5.

  6. Will I pay in Euro or USD when I purchase credits?

    It depends on the number you use to register. If you are registered with a number from a Euro-zone country, your balance will be displayed in Euro and you will be charged in Euro when you purchase credits. If you are registered with a number from a country outside Euro-zone, your balance will be displayed in USD and you will be charged in USD when you purchase credits.

Plans and bonuses
  1. How to make free phone calls with friends?

    Phone calls between YCall users are free of charge. To start a free call, you should:

    1. Sign in to YCall.
    2. Go to “Contacts”.
    3. Enter his/her info page, tap icon “Invite friend” and send out the invitation SMS message.
    4. After the friend you invited registers on YCall, you will receive a notification SMS. Then you can make free phone calls to him/her by going to “Contacts” > “Friends”, entering his/her info page and tapping icon “Free call”.

    Tips: Wi-Fi connection or mobile data plan is required all the time.

  2. How to get free credits by inviting friends to join YCall?

    Users can get free credits for each successful friend invitation. For inviting friends, you need to:

    1. Select the friend you want to invite from page “Contacts”.
    2. Enter his/her info page, tap icon “Invite friend” and send out the invitation SMS message.
    3. As long as the invitee registers successfully in 48 hours, the inviter will be notified with SMS and get free credits. Each successful invitation earns you 1 Euro/USD.

    Tips: When the invitee gets invitations from different users, only the first inviter can get the free credits after successful registration.

  3. Do I get trial credits the first time I register?

    Yes, after you download and register your phone number for the first time, you will receive 0.50 Euro/USD for trial.

  4. Which countries can I call for free?

    Currently, you can call American and Canadian numbers for free in all cases.

  5. How long is the validity of the plans? Is it a recurring charge?

    The plan is valid for 90 days since the day you purchase. It is a non-recurring charge.

  6. How many plans can I purchase?

    You can purchase maximum 2 plans for different countries at the same time.

Technical questions
  1. Does it drain my data or battery if I keep YCall running in the background?

    Keeping YCall running in the background will not drain your data or battery. You are advised to keep YCall logged in to receive notifications and make phone calls conveniently.

  2. How much data will it consume when making phone calls?

    YCall consumes low traffic. A minute phone call only consumes around 250KB data.

  3. When I'm calling via YCall, will the conversation be interrupted if another phone call comes in?

    No, YCall will automatically cut off other incoming calls if there is already a conversation going on via YCall. Users can receive phone calls normally again after finishing the YCall call.

  4. I cannot make calls while connecting to Wi-Fi?

    This is due to that fact that some Wi-Fi networks have blocked VoIP services using a firewall. You can try connecting to other Wi-Fi networks or switch to 3G/4G. Also, it is not possible to make special service calls or emergency calls with YCall. If you are calling to a regular number over 3G/4G but it still doesn’t work, contact our customer service via service@ycall.me.

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* YCall can't be used for emergency calling